College of Charleston Student Receives Hotel Indigo Scholarship

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Beemok Hospitality Collection Service Leadership Scholar MiaBella Provenzano received the Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant Scholarship.

MiaBella Provenzano

Her junior year of high school in Rockford, Illinois, MiaBella Provenzano ’24 told her guidance counselor that she wanted to attend a medium-size university with smaller classes and a tight-knit community. The counselor recommended the College of Charleston. 

Stepping onto campus, she felt as if she had walked onto a scene from a play. Not only was the campus beautiful, but it checked many boxes for her ideal school, so Provenzano came to CofC as an urban studies major. Her focus changed when she took a Principles of Hospitality and Tourism class with Steve Litvin, professor of hospitality and tourism management

“Dr. Litvin is a captivating teacher,” says Provenzano. “Plus, all the guest lecturers who came to our classes were fascinating.” 

Provenzano switched to a hospitality and tourism management major with an urban studies and marketing double minor. 

While she didn’t receive any scholarships entering CofC, with her new major Provenzano applied for and received the Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant Scholarship.  

MiaBella Provenzano
MiaBella Provenzano (Photos by Catie Cleveland)

“I was thrilled to receive the Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant Scholarship,” says Provenzano. “It affirmed that I am on the right path with very supportive professors.”  

Provenzano has been taking advantage of the many opportunities the College offers. She went on a Maymester program to Iceland with Jeremy Clement, hospitality and tourism management internship coordinator and senior instructor. 

“It was a come-to-Earth moment,” says Provenzano. “We learned the ins and outs of living in Iceland and the impact tourism has on the country. Everything was very eye opening, particularly how the country relies so much on their natural resources for power. Their sustainable lifestyle is something I hope we can emulate in the U.S.” 

Provenzano found Clement to be an incredible mentor, who helped her land a two-semester creative production internship with Le Creuset, where she helps manage digital assets and prepare for photo shoots.  

“Being part of Le Creuset’s U.S. headquarters has provided me with a unique perspective on the dynamics of a global company,” says Provenzano. “Working for such a big company, I have gotten to meet people from many different fields. Everyone has been very helpful and provided guidance about life after college.” 

Provenzano was also accepted into the BHC Service Leadership Scholars Program, which is supported by the Beemok Hospitality Collection, a Charleston-based luxury hospitality company. Each year, 10-12 students are accepted for a one-semester program led by Clement and Frank Fredericks, hospitality and tourism management executive-in-residence. 

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The benefits of being a BHC Service Leadership Scholar include personal assessment, professional development, mentoring and exclusive access to leaders in the hospitality industry. As part of the program, in January Provenzano visited Washington, D.C., to get experience in the hospitality industry there. 

“Being a BHC Service Leadership Scholar has been a great experience for professional growth,” says Provenzano. “Meeting so many people in the industry has helped me figure out what I want to do and the path forward.” 

After graduation, Provenzano plans to work on the corporate side of the hotel industry.

“Mia has the creative mindset to excel in the hospitality industry,” says Clement. “She is a natural leader and has taken full advantage of opportunities to experience different aspects of the hospitality industry.” 

Indeed, with all the connections and experience she gained while at the College, she certainly has the foundation to succeed. 

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