College of Charleston Celebrates Academic Advisors

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Coinciding with the College of Charleston's commencement season, Global Advising Week is a great time to show appreciation for academic advisors.

Ask any student crossing the Cistern at graduation who kept them on their path to degree completion, and chances are they will name their academic advisor.

As the College of Charleston heads into commencement season, it’s the perfect time to let those advisors know how much they mean – especially since this week is (April 28–May 4) is Global Advising Week. That’s why NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising is inviting students, faculty and staff to celebrate academic advisors who guide students’ journeys of success.

Kyle Ross, executive director of NACADA, says advising is the only structured service on some college campuses that promotes and develops an intentional relationship between students and the institution: “The research is clear. There is an irrefutable correlation between strong student connections to an institution and degree completion. That ‘connection’ is academic advising.”

NACADA is encouraging faculty, students and staff to post positive messages about their academic advisors on the NACADA Kudoboard.  

“I’m so proud of the work of our dedicated professional advising team in the Academic Advising and Planning Center, as well as our faculty advisors, for being in relentless pursuit of student success,” says Karen Hauschild, director of the College’s Academic Advising and Planning Center. “It is because of their intentional care for the best interest of College of Charleston students – and extreme attention to understanding the general education requirements, major and minor requirements, certificates and programs and the countless policies and procedures – that our students pursue their dream of crossing the Cistern stage at graduation.” 

NACADA has 14,000 members in 30 countries and fulfills its mission through online education, conferences and eventsresearch and publications and awards and scholarshipsNACADA Consulting, an array of high-quality services for postsecondary institutions of all types across the U.S. and around the world, provides strategic, data-informed programs that maximize the role of academic advising in promoting student success. 

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