Two New CofC Sports Clubs Might Be Worth a Shot

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Sports clubs bring together students with similar interests and allow them to explore and grow their craft with like-minded people.

Sports Club

Above: Sports clubs at the College bring together students with similar interests. (Photo by Mike Ledford)

There are countless unique clubs that students can join at the College of Charleston, each of which helps augment campus life, as they are created with the goals of forming connections and celebrating specific interests.

Sports clubs, especially, teach students many life lessons through their emphasis on teamwork and leadership. They bring together students with similar interests and give them a space to explore and grow their craft among like-minded individuals. All sports clubs are student led and student run.

In addition to the Pickleball Club and Golf Club, which are both currently in the process of being formed, the newest additions to the College’s long list of sports clubs are the Trap and Skeet Club and the Cougar Grappling Club.

CofC Trap and Skeet Club members

The Trap and Skeet Club was formed this year and has already seen great success. The club is perfect for individuals who are outdoor lovers or have an interest in hunting. Director of Campus Recreation Services Bucky Buchanan ’08 explains that members participate in different types of shooting events and competitions. The club also works to de-stigmatize issues around firearms and places a big emphasis on gun safety. In fact, one of the club’s main goals is to help people better understand gun control, guns and gun safety.

“The focus and goal of the CofC Trap and Skeet Club is to facilitate recreational and competitive shotgun shooting sports through the education of firearm safety and techniques,” club president Dalee Sullivan states, noting that the club has nearly quadrupled in membership since the start. “The club travels across the state of South Carolina to shoot on diverse courses and compete in circuit shoots. The club is beginner friendly and welcomes all to join and learn more about the amazing world of shooting sports!”

The Cougar Grappling Club also formed this year. Members of this club learn various grappling (fighting) techniques, discuss self-defense and walk through different scenarios. Since grappling can be dangerous, safety is one of the club’s main concerns.

Cougar Grappling Club members

“As the Cougar Grappling Club, our primary goal is to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment for students of all skill levels to learn and practice various grappling techniques,” club president Donovan Hernandez says, noting that the club also focuses on learning how to balance competition and set one’s ego aside. “Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced grappler, we aim to provide a supportive community where everyone can develop their skills, build confidence and form lasting friendships.”

There are no tryouts for sports clubs; anyone interested can join via Cougar Connect. This inclusivity means “no matter who you are, Campus Recreation Services can find a home for you,” Buchanan says. “That’s part of our goal.”

Being part of a sports club is a great way for students to learn new skills, stay active and build communities. Commitment to a sports club provides students with both physical and emotional expertise that they will carry with them “not only while one is a student here, but also afterward,” Buchanan adds. “We want them to continue to be engaged in these activities.”

To find out more about joining the CofC Trap and Skeet Club, email Sullivan at To find out more about the Cougar Grappling Club, email Hernandez at

To form a new club, leaders must gather a minimum of 12 members, create a budget and go before a committee made up of staff members and fellow students. Clubs must also meet the requirements outlined in the Campus Recreation Services’ Sports Clubs Handbook and meet with Buchanan, who can be reached at or 843.953.8257.

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