Cooper River Bridge Run Buildup: 5 Tips for Getting Over It

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Running in the Cooper River Bridge Run on April 6? Here are five important tips to help you 'get over it'!

The Cooper River Bridge Run (April 6, 2024) is one of the largest outdoor events in South Carolina, drawing almost 40,000 participants each spring. From elite competitors to costumed participants, the entries in this 5 and 10K competition run the full gamut. And no matter how intense or relaxed your approach, it can be important to know a few good tips.

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Here are a few tips from Bucky Buchanan ’08, director of Campus Recreation Services, to get you ready for the 2024 race. 

A rest day is as important as any training day. So, remember to build in rest days to help your body adapt to the stress of your training program. On these days, you should still plan on being active, like going for a short walk or trying a gentle yoga class. Throughout your training days, focus on consistency and slow but steady progress. 

Incorporate stretching into your routine and pay attention to how different stretches affect your performance.

Remember, with so many runners/walkers in such a small space, it can be dangerous if you’re not aware of your surroundings. To ensure your safety and success on race day, avoid wearing earphones – it can be dangerous to listen to tunes in such a large crowd. Make sure to practice this when you’re training as well.  

Race day is not the time to try brand-new sneakers or a new meal. Breaking in new stuff on race day will definitely distract you and may slow you down. And you’re more likely to get blisters and chafe with new clothing/shoes.

The Cooper River Bridge Run can have long waiting times between getting in line and the actual
start of the race. Having a reusable bottle of water on hand can help you stay hydrated at this critical
juncture. Be sure to sip water consistently throughout the morning.

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